OPEN DSKY Apollo 50th Anniversary

Created by S&T GeoTronics LLC

The only commercially available Open Source Replica of the "Out of this World" Computer that brought man to the moon.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Software and new campaign
over 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 02:20:26 PM


- Thanks for the on-going success

- Major software offer

- Next Kickstarter hint


- Thanks for the on-going success:

In an effort to respect your e-mail address and avoid spamming you, we realize that we may have been “too” quiet over the last year as some backers were wondering if our silence was a sign of our absence.

Au contraire! After fulfilling (practically) all Kickstarter backers on time in 2018, we have had (and continue to this day) non-stop Open DSKY sales through Backerkit and through our e-commerce site at Thanks to an ever growing community of Open Source DSKY aficionados. 346 backers so far have made Open DSKY the most popular replica of the original DSKY!

As you may already know, Open DSKY has been mentioned in the Smithsonian Air & Space museum and currently is or has been featured in numerous museums around the World this summer.

The Open DSKY Google group!forum/opendsky is the best place to stay in touch and meet other members of this busy Open DSKY community.

Please consider joining if you haven’t already, because this is where you will find support, software, design ideas/files and answers to whatever question you may have.

A few backers have created even more realistic 3D printed versions of the DSKY and some have come up with fantastic software that go far beyond our 3 Verbs, 3 Nouns and 3 Programs code that was meant to only test and demonstrate the hardware functionality of your device. Thank You Scott, David and Ron!

- Major software offer:

One such backer, contributor, and programmer is using 2 of our Open DSKY units at the heart of his full-scale recreation of the Apollo 11 Command Module.

(Bill Walker - left, with Fred Haise – center and myself)

Bill Walker started the “Apollo Education Experience Project” ( ) with the goal of building a full-scale Command Module replica that can be transported to schools and other locations as an educational exhibit, and plans to complete it by this fall.

Not only he is building a full-size replica of the Command Module, but for that purpose he has re-written the entire Open DSKY software to provide more interactivity and interest. Based on Scott Pavlovec’s already impressive code, Bill’s custom version now includes nearly 50 functions, 15 audio tracks, and 2 full length simulations with synchronized audio (the Apollo 11 moon landing and an interactive Apollo 11 launch), using combinations of 11 Verbs, 17 Nouns, and 9 Progs. Some of the new functions include a count-up timer, a presettable count-down timer, and a date/time/temperature display. He even recreated the shutdown and restart sequence as seen in the movie “Apollo 13”.  You can view a demonstration of these functions and simulations on YouTube at .

The software and comprehensive “Open DSKY Command Reference” manual (modeled after the Apollo Flight Plan)

Apollo Open DSKY Command Reference available in 5 colors

is currently available EXCLUSIVELY through the Project, pre-loaded on an Arduino Nano, with the 17 audio tracks pre-loaded on a micro-SD card, and a custom-printed manual with a cover in your choice of 5 colors. All this will be sent to you as a complimentary “thank-you” gift for a modest donation to the Project’s GoFundMe campaign ( ) to help raise the much-need money to build this important educational project.  Please consider supporting him and adding this awesome list of functions to your Open DSKY.

- Next Kickstarter hint:

While we continue at S&T GeoTronics to offer Open DSKY kits and build Open DSKY for anyone interested, and have never stopped shipping Open Enigma kits and building Open Enigma, we are currently designing our next Kickstarter product. This will be an amazing looking, even better sounding Vacuum Tube radio amplifier. Providing the convenience of Bluetooth, MP3 and FM in a Retro-Tech looking custom enclosure. Stay tuned and start saving. The launch (planned for early 2020) will first be pre-announced as an update in this Kickstarter project.

Thank You for your support!

- Marc and James

Labor Day Update
over 2 years ago – Mon, Sep 03, 2018 at 12:30:12 PM

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Shipping and Software
over 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 01, 2018 at 08:33:04 PM

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Quick Shipment Update
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 11:05:02 PM

Great news:  

All shipments for May: $10 & $70 levels and some June: $25 & $40 levels (except for those who did not provide a destination address yet) have left Georgia (or even arrived at destination) in May as promised.

17 backers have not answered their survey yet. Without your address, we cannot ship your reward.

We are happy to report even some June shipments are on their way or already at destination. 45 total packages shipped so far (approx. 25%).

We are well on schedule at the moment to continue and meet each and every delivery milestone.  

We are now finalizing (locking) addresses for June and July deliveries of the $200 and $350 levels.

Good news, and... (not so) Bad news.
over 2 years ago – Thu, May 10, 2018 at 11:33:30 PM

Always the Bad news first:  

Bad news: Last week, our 60 Watt water cooled CO2 laser died in the middle of a huge Button cap cutting job.  

Failed Laser Engraving/Cutting job
Failed Laser Engraving/Cutting job

Good news: James was able to quickly troubleshoot, identify the root cause as a dead high voltage power supply, order a replacement and installed it today and we are back in business roughly a week behind our laser cutting schedule. Not only that, he suggested connecting to Laser cutter via Ethernet may fix random farts/burps that Laser cutter/engraver was experiencing, and guess what... Indeed, now our Laser cutter is totally reliable and has not experienced ANY burps/farts as seen before via USB!

728 Perfect Button caps on 1 sheet
728 Perfect Button caps on 1 sheet


Bad news: After sending a 3D printed pre-production prototype to a client, we realized we had a 3D printer that was producing off spec finished goods. Thank You Jochen for your find!  

Good news: We identified which printer was responsible, pulled out the 21 off spec units in stock and are now back producing quality goods, basically losing 1 week of production from 1 of the 4 printers. IF you did NOT order any 3D printed parts AND do not have access to a 3D printer AND would like to receive some off-spec 3D printed components, please message us via Kickstarter and we may be able to send some your ways at no cost to you.  


Bad news: After racking our brains on the frosted window since the very beginning of the Open DSKY development phase, we were thinking that we had finally pretty much nailed down our frosted window, but our beta testers did not agree.  

Good news: A collaborator found what could be the ultimate (and simplest!) way of producing these frosted windows (no frosting required), solving multiple problems (sticking, transparency, blurriness) at the same time. Thank you again Jochen!   We will share the pdf of the "frosted" window with all kit makers of the Print Pro Package and above.


Bad news: All survey invites have been sent (over 2 weeks ago) and we still have 10% (20) of our backers who have not answered their survey and we are close to locking the answers and charging the credit cards for the add-ons. We will NOT be able to ship your reward if we don't have your address. Please visit your Backerkit link ASAP if you have not done so already.  

Survey Stats
Survey Stats

Good news: We will give everyone another week before we lock your answers down and charge the cards which should allow more people to fill in the surveys. Please visit your Backerkit link ASAP if you have not done so already.  


Bad news: We (all of us Open DSKY community) may have caused a temporary Worldwide shortage of the 3D printing filament we use.  

Good news: No worries - We had already secured all the filament (and all other raw materials) we need to completely fulfill all Kickstarter backers.  We also suspect e-sun will be able to replenish all distributors shortly.

Plenty of 3D Filament for the job!
Plenty of 3D Filament for the job!


The best news? Despite these few setbacks, we are still on schedule for our deliveries and plan on shipping the May rewards very shortly!  

Finally, here are a few pictures from the production line:

48 of the 480 3-Segments needed
48 of the 480 3-Segments needed
60 of the 150 Round Keychains
60 of the 150 Round Keychains
81 of the 130 USB Caps
81 of the 130 USB Caps

 Video showing Open DSKY Button caps Laser engraving/cutting, 3D printing Open DSKY mid-section, Top plate, and Bezel.