OPEN DSKY Apollo 50th Anniversary

Created by S&T GeoTronics LLC

The only commercially available Open Source Replica of the "Out of this World" Computer that brought man to the moon.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

WOW! First stretch goal achieved already!
over 3 years ago – Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 06:34:17 PM

We received many suggestions for Stretch Goals and are still receiving more... A lot of backers would like More Verbs, more Nouns and more functionality. There is no real consensus yet on what these verbs/nouns should be so this is an Open forum so we can deliver functionality that people actually want.

For example, one excellent suggestion was for a program that would run a full Apollo 11 simulation from Launch to Splashdown in Real Time. Some other backers would really like for our DSKY to be launched in Outer Space aboard a SpaceX rocket, pushing old/new tech to new frontiers.

The cool thing about Open Source is that there can be different versions of code (written by different programmers) that do different things with the same set of hardware. You get to choose which code you run today.

We did get a request asking for a matrix to explain in detail what each reward is getting/not getting. This makes a lot of sense and we are sorry we did not think of this on our own. It is now part of the campaign about ¾ of the way down…

Drum Roll! We are very proud to announce today that once we reach 100K, this will unlock for everyone (that chose a kit or assembled device), our brand new FREE Laser Cut Solid Cherry wood Desk/Display stand.

Rumors for a future Stretch Goal… There are rumors in the S&T lab that a password protected servo motor actuated concealment storage is possibly in the planning stages as an alternative back for the Open DSKY. This would allow some DSKY owners to hide their firearm or plutonium or favorite blend of herbs or spices inside their DSKY... However, we cannot confirm or deny at this time.

- Marc


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